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JDO Management is an international creative agency where the main focus is managing and connecting Artists. We run the company with the mission and belief of combining all creative forces. Because, when you work together, you accomplish so much more.
JDO Management represents several renowned professionals with many years of experience in the Fashion & Beauty industry.

In search of a Videographer, Photographer, Hair & Make-up Artist or Retouch and Creative Representation? No problem. With this vision, all artists are available as individuals, but also in teams. With a history of working together for a long time, the artist are aligned and know exactly how to complement each other while creating, to accomplish the ultimate work of art.

JDO Management is part of the JDO Group.

For bookings and enquiries, contact us:
T: 020 2200151

August Allebéplein 1076
1062 AC Amsterdam

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